Bolloks: Picture gallery


Picture Gallery; bad photos of nice things or nice photos of bad things

Commonwealth 12C4 prior to rebuilding and new plinth

Sony TTS 8000 with SAEC 308 Long set up for evaluation. SAEC holds up quite well against the Moerch DP6-9, though thoroughly outclassed by the 12 Inch Moerch.

A newly hatched TaTa Lizard or Gilberts Dragon. One of many Dragon species found in our region. This one was saved from being eaten by an adult . He got a second chance in the foodchain.

R.I.P Nigel,

 The bad tabby. The number one predator of TaTa's. Dog chaser and all round bad guy. Unfortunately on the wrong side of a cane toad, the number one threat to the Kimberley.