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We buy and sell Classic Hi-Fi.

Part exchange and trades are always an option. 

Valve and Vacuum Tube sales are usually by request or listed on our ebay site. With thousands of tubes in stock we may have what you need.

 Coming up soon in our shop

Sony TTS 8000.      Open for offers                                                                                                                My pride and joy. The best direct drive I have ever used. Finally for sale as I have now found the Sony PS X9. lucky me !!

Thorens TD 124 mark one.                                                                                                                        With a very low serial number. Full bearing upgrade and original bearing included with sale. The plinth is an original Bollok multilayer with Garnet powder ballast. Going for plinth paint job, colour will be a gloss white with American Penthouse pearlescent tinter over the top.

Commonwealth 12C4.     P.O.A                                                                                                                     A piece of Australian broadcast history. This 12C4 came from the ABC studios in one of our Wheatbelt towns. Barely used, it sat for years in a storage cupboard as the station preferred the 12D3 as being more user friendly. Fully restored it has a new idler, genuine lamp and low light knobs fitted.

Commonwealth 12D3.     P.O.A                                                                                                                   The worlds coolest turntable. Massively built, the ultimate old school idler. Laminated plinth filled with removable ballast and provision for four armboards. An absolute balltearer of a turntable. The TT that the 301 and 401 could have been, if the Aussies had built them.                              

Denon DP 80  Au $700.00                                                                                                                             This Denon is in 100% working order fully serviced and waiting for someone to love it. The motor unit was badly packed and has a couple of scratches on it. Nothing serious just small cosmetic marks. There is no plinth supplied, but we do have an experimental laminated plinth that is free to the buyer if they wish to pay the freight. The plinth has provision for two arms of any length to 14 inches and comes with an undrilled laminated Bamboo armboard.

RE12 Power Triode

$ 250 USD

The RE12 is a british substitute for the venerable 211. The RE12 has a larger plate, higher ratings and dissipates 125W. A 211 on steroids. Five units left for sale, make an offer on all 5 for better freight.